Cryptocurrency Training

Cryptocurrency Training

We offer tailor-made crypto training on a one to one basis for all levels and abilities, from beginners to advanced cryptocurrency traders.

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121 Crypto Training

Learn all aspects of cryptocurrency with your own dedicated crypto expert. You will be allocated one of our specialist trainers who will help you every step of the way.

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Our Training Provides

  • Your very own expert crypto trainer who will create your own bespoke training for all aspects you want to learn

  • Use with any type of cryptocurrency available on the official Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Using only the best and safest crypto wallets to send and receive cryptocurrency payments

  • Learn how to easily transfer any cryptocurrency into more standardised currency like £GBP or $USD

How it works

Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced trader, we have the same simple setup for each new member.

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Learn any aspect of cryptocurrency

From onboarding and setting up your own crypto wallet, right up to buying and selling cryptocurrency.

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Individuals or businesses new to crypto

  • Learn from the ground up, starting with onboarding. Firstly, we will help you setup a new wallet in order to start your crypto journey.

  • Once onboarding is complete, we will then introduce you to ‘holding’ your cryptocurrency.

  • From here we can then teach you how to send and receive crypto payments, as well as integrating cryptocurrency payments within your business infastructure or website.

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Looking to improve knowledge

  • If you’re already familiar with wallets and holding cryptocurrency then we can offer more advance training for you, learning about decentralised finance and smart chains.

  • Become fluent in smart chain tokens, how to setup dedicated wallets to send/recieve.

  • Learn how to onboard smart chains from main nets. For example, how to send FTM Fantom smart chain to Binance BSC smart chain.

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Crypto Training for Beginners

Crypto has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, so the majority of our students are people wanting to tap into this financial market but don’t know where to start.

  • Have your own dedicated 121 crypto trainer explain everything you need to know from start to finish. No large classes of other students, just you and your trainer’s undivided attention.

  • We will first hold a consultation session to asses exactly what aspects you want to learn and then tailor your own training around this and help every step of the way.
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Advanced Crypto Training

If you already have experience in onboarding, setting up wallets, holding and using cryptocurrency then we can teach advanced aspects of Cryptocurrency.

  • Have your own allocated 121 Crypto Trainer guide you through every aspect of our advanced training in any aspect you require.
  • During the consultation we will find out exactly which areas you are seeking further knowledge, and design your training accordingly.

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Crypto Business Integration

There are so many businesses now wanting to accept cryptocurrency but don’t know how to integrate it into their infrastructure. Here is where your 121 Crypto Consultant can help.

  • Have a dedicated 121 Crypto Consultant walk you through the stages involved in integrating cryptocurrency into your business.
  • We will help integrate your own cryptocurrency payment processor, as well as allowing you to pay in others in crypto.

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Other Aspects

When it comes to learning all about cryptocurrency, the list is endless! So no matter what aspect of crypto you want to learn, we’ve got you covered and will help guide you.

Decentralised Finance

Peer-to-peer financial services on public blockchains.

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Yield Farming

Staking or lending crypto assets to generate high returns.

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Liquidity Provider

Providing crypto assets in return for fees via platforms.

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Staking Crypto

Put your crypto to work and then earn rewards on it.

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Crypto Consolidation

Change multiple different cryptocurrencies into one.

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Smart Chain Tokens

Cryptocurrency made on a smart-contract-enabled blockchain.

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch via the contact form and a member of our team will be glad to help.

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